Joining the Group

The group is open to any dentist to come and join us and share and contribute to the benefit of what we do. So far the group has been able to avoid a formal constitution and election of 'officers'. One of the group acts as a treasurer.

The mention of Norwich in our title is not an indication of geographical exclusivity! Any colleague in the region who can get to the meetings would be welcome.

There is no immediate joining fee and colleagues are welcome to attend for a term of meetings at no cost. Established regular attendance requires a contribution of £25.00 per month. The group's accounts are discussed formally on an annual basis but essentially we are gathering funds to pay for the use of the Assembly Rooms and any other incidental expenses.

The group is well established and there is great familiarity between many of the members from long term friendships but we genuinely hope that this is not seen as exclusivity. There is a lot of experience within the group that is freely shared and available to colleagues who want to come and join us.